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Mar 02

Why Spring is the Perfect Time for Drainage Cleaning?

Winter is almost over, and spring is fast approaching in upstate New York. Are your drains, valves, and pipes ready for the changing seasons?

Spring is an ideal time to have your sewers and drainage checked. As the air gets warmer, snow melts away to uncover the damages made by the cold weather. Cracked pipes and clogged drains are some of the plumbing issues that you may observe at home.

How do these happen? During winter, pipes can freeze solid, making them brittle. Ice can also form in water’s passageways and leave an accumulation of dirt when they melt.

Getting drainage cleaning services is the most convenient way to tidy up the mess. But you can also assess your area first to see if there is anything that needs fixing. Here are two things that you can do:

Check the yard
Exposed outdoor pipes are some of the most vulnerable components of your drainage system. The yard drain is particularly susceptible to freezing and clogging. This is where debris builds up because it’s usually installed at the lowest point of the water-collecting area. If you suspect any form of damage, call a sewer repair professional right away.

Inspect the sewer trap

Do a visual check of your sewer trap to find anything that doesn’t look right. Problems can arise if the pit cover is not installed vacuum-tight because cold air can freeze and split an exposed trap.

Remember your plumbing preparations for winter? You probably had your fixtures checked and adjusted to make sure that the pipe networks inside and outside your home work well. As preparation for spring, you might want to have those fixtures re-adjusted to function properly for the warmer weather.

Drain cleaning should definitely be a part of your spring cleaning routine. It’s a good way to discover and prevent problems in your house. Your plumbing components are all interconnected. Fixing one small issue will save you from the expenses and stress that come with replacing the whole sewer system.

Not sure where to start? You can always call Infinity Home Plumbing at 716.293.0066 for your sewer repair and drain cleaning needs in Buffalo, NY.


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