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Mar 02

How to Tell if You Need Sump Pump Replacement Services

Whether it’s a storm or a plumbing leak, a sump pump protects your home from basement flood. However, the sump pump itself can be the cause of flooding if it malfunctions.

There are several causes of sump pump problems. One is mechanical failure, which is typical to old, poorly maintained devices. Power outage can also be a culprit, as the pump requires electricity to work. Another reason is improper installation, especially if the one you have is a cheaply built model.

How can you tell if your sump pump needs to be replaced or fixed? Here are some of the common problems you should watch out:

  1. The discharge lines are frozen or clogged.
    Sump pumps will not be able to expel water if the discharge lines are blocked. This can happen during winter when ice can form inside the system. But the problem can also arise any time of the year if debris or small creatures like mice clog the outlets.
  2. There is no water in the sump pit.
    Does your sump pump seem to work, but you don’t see water in the pit? That could be because it’s not properly linked to the drainage system. In cases like this, you might also need sewer repairs as well.
  3. Your sump pump is running non-stop.
    The pump can get overworked and burn out if it runs continuously regardless of the weather condition. This can be caused by a stuck or broken switch, and in other cases, the design is just not suitable for the amount of flooding it fights. Whatever the reason may be, the problem should be addressed immediately.

A broken sump pump can be stressful to deal with. Luckily, we have a range of services that takes away the dirty work from you. If you’re in the Buffalo or Upstate NY area, give us a call at 716.293.0066 and we’ll have a look.


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