Restore the Flow to Your Sewer Drains

Restore the Flow to Your Sewer Drains

Get emergency sewer repair services in Clarence or Amherst, NY

Your toilets, sinks and tubs all flow into your sewer system, so when backups happen, it can cause major issues throughout your entire property. Keep your wastewater flowing the right direction with professional sewer repair and sewer cleaning services from Infinity Home Plumbing. We'll inspect your plumbing lines, get rid of blockages and make sure wastewater flows smoothly down every drain.

Reach out to us in Clarence or Amherst, NY today for emergency sewer repair services.

5 signs you have a sewer leak

Most people don't think about their sewer until backflow is flooding their bathrooms or basement. But is your sewer line giving you signs that it's wearing out? You should schedule sewer repairs when you notice:

  1. Your home smells musty or you've noticed mold or mildew growth.
  2. You hear running water in your home all the time.
  3. Your toilet or shower drain backs up and overflows regularly.
  4. You notice a particularly lush section of your lawn.
  5. Your water bill has recently increased.

When your sewer line is backed up, call for sewer repair or sewer cleaning services right away.